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Nov 15, 2012 12:00pm EST
after this, >>> today i am one on one with chef graham bartless. he's with zango, the restaurant that has on 7th street and gallery, at gallery place on 7 7th street. it's been there for 7 years and it does an asian type fooded. >> latin and asian. >> and we're going to talk about appear and panetta. we have the recipe online. i'll walk you through it really fast. it's really easy. this is an asian appear. you can't find this in super markets, but you can usually. we have it chopped up in apple juice and you're going to saute it down with sugar and butter until it caramelizes a little bit and cool that and mix with sour cream and cream cheese and you can buy pastry in the grocery store, crimp it down with egg yolk and seal it up and fry that a little bit. we serve it with goats milk caramel on top. gives it a little bit of tanginess. >> and what else do you put on it. >> do you have some ice cream we can put on top of that. this is latin style caramel ice cream. >> that looks good. >> you have the hot and cold textures and a little bit of sesame seed garnish on this. >> that is n
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1